Taco Tuesday!
A taco a day keeps the doctor away...
Have you ever seen a sad person eating a taco? I though so, happiness lives here and it's found in a tortilla

8 mini tacos cooked with roasted chicken, sauced at your table with roasted red adobo, queso fresco and sour cream.

8 mini tacos with slow cooked short rib, chilorio, queso fresco, cotija cheese, and sour cream.
Sauced at the table to enhance the moment.

3 wood smoked cooked at low temperature for 8 hoursb tongue tacos on a nixtamal
blue tortilla, cilantro and onion.

3 of our famous black sirloin trompo, nixtamal corn tortillas, creamy avocado green sauce, cilantro, onion on a bed of crusted cheese.

Created during a crazy night. It was born from the cravings of midnight and since then We have not stopped having it for dinner. Just ask for it, and you won’t regret.

“Our famous street tacos” Made with Nixtamal corn tortilla.

Amor A Mar

One of Mula’s faves. Fresh tuna with our secret marinade, and served
on top of our grandma style guac!!

Tatemado y presentado sobre una base de hummus de frijol
negro y coronado de pico de gallo.

Shrimp molded into delicious rock clusters & mixed perfectly into our signature sauce.
Rocks have never looked this good!

Your all time favorite made with a touch of love,
quality and mula sazón.

Tortilla de maiz ribeteada, hummus de fríjol negro,
crudo de atún aliñado & cebolla frita.

Best Kept Secrets

Authentic tortilla soup with cotija cheese, fried pork skins and grilled
avocado. Served at the table

Grilled Italian lettuce centers, caesar dressing, garlic bread croutons, and
Italian pecorino cheese.

Fried chicken with our famous morita chili, agave syrup sauce and
truffle fries.

From the traditional cuisine of northern México. Cooked in 4 not spicy chili peppers adobo, served with panela cheese, ranch cream and avocado.

Homemade brioche, burger meat, American cheese, pickles,
parmesan fries and truffle

from Guadalajara to the world! Our version of Sour dough, chicharrón de rib eye, lime,
sour onions, and red adobo sauce.


Premium avocado, roasted poblano chili, cilantro,onion, heirloom tomato,
and grasshoppers!

Premium avocado, cilantro, onion, heirloom tomato and a squeeze of lemon.

Premium avocado, roasted habanero chili, cilantro,smoked onion, and a
touch of lemon.


14 oz Talk about something different and fascinating. The Kansas City Steak
is world famous for it’s rich steak flavor and ability to seduce you!

Cooked over firewood served with poblano pepper and artichoke fonduta.


12oz Crispy and juicy, layed on grandma style guac, chiles toreados,
& corn tortillas.

16 oz Chicken breast with house marinade cooked over firewood,
served with homemade tortillas, and cebollas taqueras.

16 oz Outside skirt cooked over firewood, served with homemade
tortillas, and cebollas taqueras.

16 oz Outside skirt cooked over firewood, paired with wood grilled shrimp,
and served with cebollas taqueras

20 oz of our famous black sirloin trompo, nixtamal corn tortilla with
our creamy avocado green sauce, cilantro & onion


Creamy corn with cotija cheese, sprouts with coriander, epazote,
and poblano pepper.


Couldn’t decide between tres leches & Elote, so we just mixed them both. WOW!!

House speciality. Cooked from scratch delivered in creamy goodness, ice cream & pecans.

Sprinkles & multi layers of heavenly goodness in a slice of your favorite cake.